The Ultimate 30 Day Life Detox

We’ve just spent a week in beautiful Adelaide – my favourite place to explore during these Autumn months.  But chasing after an adventurous toddler in all the layers required down there at this time of year really highlighted how out of shape I am and how much I need to cut the shit, and get myself back on track.   Not just for my own sake, but for my boys sake..

How Did I Get To This Point?

Up until giving birth and for the few months after having Cypress, I could power up and down our hill to the dams, had endless energy, stamina and motivation.  The last year has been a real battle for my mental and physical health and I know deep down that the two are more dependent on each other than I would like.

Being on a heavy dose of antidepressants brings a very healthy and very unhealthy sense of contentment.  While they’re very effective at smoothing out all of your emotions, they also manage to mask a lot of emotions that make you strive to be the best possible version of yourself.

For an off grid family, we have the devices out wayyyyyyyyyy more than I would like.  I want to spend more time listening to music, playing together, exploring outside and engaging in activities that are bettering our lives.  This will be a challenge obviously because of this blog, plus my Digital Design work so I’ll have to work out how to balance all of this as best I can.  But I can’t help but feel that by cutting back on screen time, the other areas of our lives with have the opportunity to improve.

What Can I Do About It?

Without making excuses for my current state, I’m focusing on being forgiving, understanding and nurturing of myself.  I’m working on only saying to myself those things that I would say to a girlfriend who was voicing their feelings about their current weight and health.  I’ve made many bold statements before about getting my shit together, losing weight, working out etc.  But I never manage to follow through thanks to my lack of almost non-existent motivation these days.  I want this experience to be different.  I want to assess my weakness and find ways to over come them so that I can succeed.

I want this experiment to be more of a lifestyle wake up call.

I want this to shape our young family as a whole, forming new habits and routines and I want it to be something I can stick to, succeed at and gain a sense of accomplishment from.


My 30 Day Life Detox Commitments

Less Of

  • Foods that make me feel crap:
    • Starchy / Carby foods – grains, rice, pasta, potato etc.
    • Sugar – added sugar that is, I’ll still allow myself a little fruit.
    • Fats, Oils, Butters etc. – I use way too much oil and butter when cooking.
    • Caffeine – notice this is the Less Of list and not the Absolutely None list? I’m still human and still need to function.
    • Alcohol & Cigarettes – the old cheeky beer has started to be accompanied with a filthy smoke too.  I’m so ashamed.
    • Dairy – I barely have dairy these days but I vow to cut the cheese from life. FML.
  • Habits that make me feel crap:
    • Procrastinating – I’ll get up, write a prioritised list and just fucking do it!  No more putting shit off until the last minute.
    • Phone Use – only if someone sends me a text or gives me a call.
    • Computer Use – only when Cypress is asleep during his nap time or once he’s gone to bed and only for work or blog purposes.
    • TV Use – music only during the day, TV only once dinner, dishes & house tidy is done each evening.
  • Thoughts that make me feel crap:
    • Feelings of not being enough – for Chris, for Cypress, for my friends and family.
    • Worries of the future – our living arrangements, business opportunities etc.

More Of

  • Foods that make me feel great:
    • Greens – freshly prepared, seasonal, organic.
    • Water – lots and lots of water for my skin, hair, nails and over-all health.
    • Herbal Teas – coming into this cool weather, I need something warm to sip all day long.
  • Habits that make me feel great:
    • Organisation & Accomplishments – I’ll get up, write a prioritised list and just fucking do it!  No more putting shit off until the last minute.
    • Phone Use – limited to 5 minutes of scrolling per day.  Not in the bedroom, not while Cypress is awake, not on the toilet.
    • Computer Use – limited to 4 hours of work, designing, blogging & editing per day.  Not while Cypress is awake.
    • TV Use – music only during the day. TV only once dinner, dishes & house tidy is done each evening.
    • Photography – each day, I’ll document something new or exciting using my camera (not phone).
    • Photo Journal – each Monday, I’ll upload the images from the previous week to my Photo Journal page.
  • Thoughts that make me feel great:
    • Focusing on how much love we have around us, how much we’ve achieved and how lucky we are to live the life we do.
    • Enjoying every second of our simple, minimalist life in the shed and trusting that when the time is right, we’ll be able to build our dream home.

How I’ll Make It Happen

I freaking love a good list.  My mind only functions properly when it’s organised to the point of irritating to those around me so naturally, when concocting this plan, a super organised list to track my progress is the first thing that sprung to mind.

What I’ve created is one page to document and track my daily wins and a second sheet for my daily accomplishments.

The Goals sheet is where I’ve written down each goal, with 30 boxes on that same row for me to tick off each day whether I’ve help up my end of this challenge.  I’ve also left some room at the bottom to add any more goals that might crop up during the next 30 days.

And for the Accomplishments sheet – I don’t like the term to-do-list.  It always brings to mind a never ending list of tedious chores that no one wants to do so I figured let’s focus on the wins of crossing things off the list, instead of the task themselves.  This simple sheet will let me scribble out anything I need to get done each day.

I’ve added these to our Store for free download if you’d like to get your hands on a copy of them both!




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