Today I had the most terrifying experience a parent could ever have. I went to Hastings St for a stroll with Cypress and my Dad. Put Cypress in his seat, handbag on the floor, chucked my keys on the front seat and shut the door to fold down the pram but Dad couldn’t open the boot because it was locked. I raced to the doors and they were all locked with Cypress in his car seat.
Total panic kicked in and I remembered RACQ so phoned them totally hysterical and bawling my eyes out screaming at them to hurry up, my 8 week old baby was in there and had started crying.
Some beautiful by passers stopped when they realised what was happening and phoned 000 for me I have no idea what I said or asked for but within minutes, Cypress had cried himself to sleep, I had two police officers, two RACQ guys, one fire truck and an ambulance blocking all of Hasting St.
So the lesson from my own stupidity is to never ever put your kids and your keys in the car, I now have a lanyard that I’ll use to chuck them around my neck while I’m loading up.
Always call RACQ first whether you’re a member or not they will come and get in if there are kids in the car free of charge. They were there within minutes, literally ran out of their cars and to mine and had busted in within seconds.
Then call 000 because if all else fails, you’ll want them to use their batons to smash those windows to get your baby out safely.
Anyway, Cypress is fine and was smiling at the medic as he got checked over and is perfectly fine. Just thought I would share to hopefully save anyone else going through that.

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