we're your average young family.

Apart from the fact that we live in a shed, off grid, in a fairly rural area, we're just like any other young family.

It would be easy to assume that we're the token hippies in our circle
or that we live without lifes creature comforts
or that our way of life is more difficult and demanding than the average.

But lucky for us, none of that is remotely true.

We live a pretty 'normal' life, just with our own spin on it.

We're Chris and Caity Fitzgerald.

2009 we met in at a dodgy Brisbane club by complete chance and fell head over heels at the tender ages of 18 and 23.

We hung in Brisbane for a few years doing the young couple thing, working our assess off and having far too much fun on the weekends until it all got old.

2011 we left Brisbane in search of a slower pace on the Sunshine Coast where Chris grew up.

We struggled with unemployment, settling in and making new friends but it was the BEST decision we ever made and paved the way for our future.

2013 we built a website, launched an online store called Undead Threads and jumped head first into running a business in between working full time jobs.

We poured everything we had financially, emotionally and mentally into this business of ours and loved every aspect of it.

2014 we bought our first home together - a small cottage on a large suburban block that needed some love.  It was a shit hole.

Our Dad's asked if we couldn't afford anything else and the truth was we couldn't.  We had holes in the floors, mice in the roof and wonky walls but it was ours and we loved it.

2015 we worked on fixing up our little love nest, pulled off our dream wedding on a shoe string budget, surrounded by our nearest and dearest,
worked harder than before on the businesses and dreamed of a future living off the land.

2016 was our biggest year by far and started with a camping weekend away in Byron Bay where we decided change had to come and it had to come in a big way.

We decided to renovate the house, sell it, and buy land by the end of the year.

Chris completed his Permaculture Design Certificate while I planned the renovations
and once the project was finished, the house sold within a week.

Three weeks later, we found out we were expecting our first child in early 2017 and realised we hadn't found our dream property yet.

2016 saw us give up everything we had, leave behind everything we knew and buy our acreage property in the heart of the Mary Valley, Queensland and move into our temporary shed house.

2017 marked the arrival of our son, Cypress who joined our tribe on January 31st,
during the most extreme heat wave in recent times.

The start of the year has been a little rocky as we adapt to life as new parents,
but we think we've now got the hang of it.

Our lush farm turned into a burnt, brown paddock with struggling fruit trees everywhere you looked over summer.
But, we survived it and will be better prepared for next summer, that's for sure.

We've done a lot more work on the shed to make it as comfortable as possible
and have started to shift our focus towards building the house.

We're half way through this year and so much has already happened to shape our lives,
we can't wait to see how the rest of the year turns out.