We're chasing the dream.

The dream of off grid living in our own style.
The dream of nourishing our bodies with our home grown produce.
The dream of providing our children the freedom and space to roam.
The dream of designing and building our own home.
The dream of allowing ourselves freedom to explore, grow, learn and discover all that we can.


You asked for it, we're building it!


We're working on a secret.  The kind of secret that will save you thousands each year on your grocery bills.

A secret community that will share all of my planning tools, vegetarian recipes, budget-savy tips & tricks, and access to a like-minded community to inspire you to stop wasting so much money of your food shop.

If you want in, submit your details below and we'll shoot you an email with a pre-launch sneak peek!


Chris, Caity & Cypress.

We're Chris, Caity & Cypress.

In 2016 we decided something had to change.  Something dramatic.
We sold our house on the Sunshine Coast and bought 9 acres in the Mary Valley with nothing more than a 6 bay shed, 2 dams and 5 trees.

Our goal is to become as self sufficient as possible, find some calm in the chaos around us,
avoid the trap of a big debt lifestyle and provide the best life possible for our family.

So far we've turned our blank canvas into our home.  With off grid solar, a cosy shed house, over 50 fruit trees in the ground,
3 chooks and a vege garden or two, we've really made the most of what we have.

This blog is our chance to share our journey.  Our successes and our face-plants.  The good, the bad and everything in between.

We promise to cut the bullshit and keep it real.

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g r o w.

we're growing our food
starting with over 50 fruit trees
3 chooks (Penny, Henny & Jenny)
and a garden full of seasonal vege

e a t.

there's nothing we love more
than good simple food for all to love
our kitchen is where we create magic
so we're sharing our no fuss recipes

b u i l d.

for now, we're making the shed home
and eventually, we'll build our dream house
the plans have changed slightly
but the end goal is the same

n e s t.

our home may not be conventional
but it's a home filled with love
we're making the most of simple shed living
and showing that it's a pretty cool way to live

n u r t u r e.

mum life, wife life, boss life
it's a fine juggling act
and I mostly make it up as I go along
so laugh, cry and grow with me on this journey

l e a r n.

tips, tricks, tutorials & courses
we're no experts
but we have the hands on experience
to save you learning the hard way