Sometimes, just sometimes, trying to be a positive Universal trusting person is a struggle and you just want to scream “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?”

This weekend has been a killer one.  Thursday night we were up until midnight installing our new pantry.  Friday we were up at 6 tidying the house and finishing off bits and pieces ready for professional photos to be done just after lunch.  Saturday we were up at dawn again to go check out the Yandina Markets with the plan on driving north to show “our dream” block to a good friend.

Driving home from the markets, a little tired but still buzzing, I decided to double check the online ad for this property – just to be sure.  In one quick glance, my stomach dropped, my breathe caught and my eyes froze.  “Under Offer” was blazoned across the image of a lush green paddock with mountain views and clear blue skies.

A million thoughts run through my mind as I try to work out what to do with this information.  We were a few minutes from home so I thought I should wait to tell Chris until we could sit down and talk this through.  We pull up at our  house and see the two motorbikes of friends from Brisbane already waiting for us and for some reason, a flurry of words fall from my mouth announcing the crushing news that we’ve missed out on our perfect land.

Chris is bummed, I start to cry, our two friends in the car luckily know how much this means to us so they launch into inspiring affirmations.  It may seem dramatic to be this upset but when Chris and I look at a property – we visualise it.  We picture where we will grow, build and raise animals.  You have to, you can’t get there and discover there isn’t enough room, sun, water.

So after a pit-stop at home, we load into the car and head north to show our friend the property we missed out on and the one that’s still available – but half the size.  We wade through the shoulder height grass to explore what we can of this over grown property, discover an abundance of Guava trees, and a fat possum in the dilapidated old shed.  With a house site leveled, a spring fed damn, creek at the bottom and no chance of flooding, it was great!  We got home, I made a coffee and called the Agent to see what we could work out.  He didn’t answer so I left a message.

Monday morning rolls around and after a night of dreaming about a new life on this property, I get onto the Agent only to be told this property also has an offer on it that came through on Friday.  What the actual fuck!

Massive disappointment yet again as we realise the only two properties available in the town we desperately want to be a part of are both gone and we’re left wondering if this is even meant to be?

Pretty soon (actually after some good quality chocolate) you start to realise the Universe is making this happen for a reason.  Maybe we needed to fall in love with a property to find the motivation and determination to finish the renovations on our house?  Maybe we need to slow down and let things happen organically instead of jumping in head first?  Maybe the town we’ve fallen in love with isn’t right for us?   Maybe we just aren’t ready for this next journey.

Whatever the reason, I’m not one to ignore signals, we’ll continue to roll with it and see how this all pans out!