Chris and I are pretty shit at keeping secrets.  We agree to not blab too early but our excitement takes over and before we know it, the world knows our business.

So lately, I’ve found myself explaining my reasoning for what I like to call our Lifestyle Change to those I accidentally blab to.  Some people get it straight up and ask no more questions, but others almost seem to want to challenge my beliefs, opinions and 5 years of research.

I could get shitty that I’m being challenged, questioned and keep seeing skeptically raised eyebrows but after a particularly rowdy family dinner last week, while we all sat in the lounge room, the topic was moved to our Lifestyle Change and while at first I was feeling as if I was defending myself, by the end of it I realised that this was re-affirming that what we’re working towards is worth while.

Not everyone will get it.  Not everyone wants to leave their comfort zone and that’s cool by us.  The last thing we want to do is alienate our friends or be that friend preaching to everyone constantly (still working on this BTW).

The main argument I receive is along the lines of “But wouldn’t (whatever they think) be much more eco friendly than (whatever I’ve just said)?”  You know what?  Sometimes the answer is “yeah, it would be more eco friendly to build a rammed earth house using only materials found on our property but you know what dude?  We have a mortgage to pay, we have jobs to work, we like having a roof over our head and we don’t want to spend the next 10 years of our lives building.”

That’s why we don’t use the term eco friendly.  That’s not what we’re about.  Don’t get me wrong – we still care for the Earth but we’re more about sustainability.  For us, this covers so much more than monitoring our outputs and restricting our inputs to what’s absolutely necessary.  It’s not just about environmental sustainability, it’s about emotional sustainability too and finding a balance.  Building a rammed earth home would be wonderful but it wouldn’t make us happy – the building process would be torturous and we wouldn’t end up with a home we love with all our heart.  Modular, minimalist homes have always inspired us and by using shipping containers, we can build our true dream home cheaply, quickly and with minimal impact on the property.

We’re not purists, and we’re okay with that.

We’re searching for satisfaction within our own lives.  If we both didn’t have to work full time, things might be different, we might take more on and rely less on outside sources but for now, we’re doing what we can to find happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.

We’re just looking for balance.