This is the kind of sandwich you whip up when you’ve got a paddock full of hard working mates who need a real feed, real quick.

I usually make this the day before to save time and mess on the day and it seriously gets better with time!

If you assemble it with the cheese slices on the bottom and the salad leaves on the top, it shouldn’t go soggy!

You can also do pretty much any variation to the fillings you can think of!

Roast Vegetable Turkish Bread Sandwich

Servings 8 people


Roast Vegetable Filling


  1. Mix the Roast Vegetable Filling together on a lined baking tray & bake until pumpkin is soft.
  2. Assemble the sandwich with cheese slices on the bottom, roast vegetables in the middle and salad leaves on top.
  3. Slice it into squares or large fingers.

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