So we did it- we’re now living our own little Off Grid Dream on our beautiful rural 9 acre property and loving every minute.

Here’s how it’s been so far including all the excitement from our two days of moving.


Friday we woke early after a sleepless night and soon had both our Dads in the kitchen awaiting their coffee before we got started on moving for the day.  The boys jumped into action while I flailed around feeling totally lost and helpless seeing as baby bump means no heavy lifting.  Our friend Tom arrived shortly after and was carrying boxes before I’d even seen him walk in the front dorr.  I love our family.

Minus a few hiccups including one broken car at the new place, and one at the old place, the day went smoothly with everyone in high spirits.

Our first night there on Friday was pretty uneventful – we grabbed dinner in town so all that was left to do was find our mattresses and blankets and settle in for a well earned sleep with Me, Chris and Tom all camping out in the shed.

Saturday morning took my breath away.  I climbed up off our floor bed and stumbled outside to find what I can only describe as a perfect depiction of a magical, country wonderland.  As the sun was casting it’s morning glow over the ridge, the fog was rising from the ground while the cows in the next paddock over lazily grazed the dew sodden pasture.

We threw on some work clothes, grabbed our keys and drove back down to the old property, stopping for one last Saturday morning coffee and pie at the Yandina bakery.

We arrive to see what I can only describe as an army of our amazing friends and family waiting for us.  With 5 utes, 2 wagons, 1 dirt bike and my Barina, we loaded up everything that was left from the outside and by midday, were ready to head off on our first load.

The rest of the flew by with a sausage sizzle and a few cold brews (for the non-pregnant helpers) for lunch and a well earned steak, roast spuds and salad around the fire for our second night on the land.


Sunday we were woken at 4:30 am as Tom tried to sneak out the roller door to make the hour drive home to get to the gym, then work (we think he’s nuts too!) and woke properly after a nice little sleep in at about 9:30.

We got up, cruised into town for a flushing toilet, coffee and to fill some shower bags and headed home where we began putting the pieces of our new life together.  

By mid-afternoon we had the place looking nice and organised just in time for a surprise visit from my Dad, Brother and his Girlfriend. 

A bash around the property in their ute, a cuppa and some creative light hanging and they were on their way just in time for us to bathe in our bucket bath before the sun went down.

After a last minute dash into the nearest IGA which is only 15 minutes away (WOOHOO) to get a car phone charger and some supplies and a quick dinner, we were tucked up in bed snug as.


Monday was back to reality at work for me and an early start had me on the road before the fog had cleared while Chris was left to his own devices to potter around and get his precious trees in order before he heads back to work on Wednesday.

The rest of the week was a blur of dodgy reception, organising work on the ‘luxuries’ in life and adjusting to our amazing new surroundings.


  • Koala’s make some pretty freaky noises at night.  As do cattle being loaded onto trucks.
  • Country folk are the friendliest you’ll meet.  Our first new friend has supplied us with enough Avo’s to live off for the next month and has offered his skills and knowledge any time we need a hand.
  • Road trains are big.  I remember passing them out west as a kid but when you’re heading towards them over-taking each other in my little car, it scares the shit out of me!
  • Peeing in a bucket isn’t as terrible as it sounds.  I cut up some pool noodle to create my own little seat, chuck my toilet paper in a separate bucket to be burnt later, and empty it all every morning.
  • Living without electronics means earlier bed times.  Seriously, you get home, prep, cook and eat dinner and you’re knackered and ready for bed.  Could also be the early rises and pregnancy fatigue to be honest.
  • Wallabies are way cuter than Kangaroos.  They’re smaller, darker and way less intimidated by us when they skip around the property.
  • Running water is the biggest luxury you could ask for.  Doing the dishes, making a cuppa, washing your hands, brushing your teeth and having a bath are fucking horrible without running water. On the up side, our plants are thriving with all the recycled water we’re throwing on them.
  • Living by candle light is super romantic and makes snuggling into a soft, marshmallow soft bed all the more rewarding.
  • Oh yeah, more crazy noises – tin sheds.  The metal contracts as it cools down at night but then when the warm morning sun hits it, it starts to expand again making these ticking, cracking, clunking sounds as it goes.  I remembered this little piece of information from when we lived in a shed as kids.