Our one year wedding anniversary has arrived so I thought what a perfect time to share the story of our relaxed wedding day!

We’re no frills kind of people.  Anything too formal makes us clam up and we hate being the center of attention (unless beer is involved).  We knew our wedding had to reflect us and had to be an occasion that allowed our friends to let their freak flags fly.

Last year we moved into our very own house – a little Queenslander cottage that hasn’t had a lot of love in the last 20 years.  We instantly fell in love with the gardens that are so well established, private and just the right amount of tropical.

After looking at a few venues, we decided to have a casual backyard wedding with about 80 guests.  We also didn’t want to spend a small fortune on an event that only lasts a couple of hours so we decided to do as much as we could ourselves and be as eco-friendly as we could.

We decided to take on the whole lot ourselves.  This included the catering, booze, decorations, flowers, jewellery and anything else we could think of.  The process of pulling this all together with the help of our family and friends made the lead up to the wedding a time we will never forget.

Endless nights were spent making lace tambourines, going over details, budgeting, writing lists and scouring for recipe ideas.  My wedding dress was made over months of flights from Adelaide to the Sunshine Coast so my Mum could sew my wedding dress during quick visits in hotel rooms.

The first peek at my wedding dress.

Our team for the day had to be people we knew and trusted.  Our DJ was the first recruit – he was there the night Chris and I met and was the only option as far as we were concerned.  Our Photographer was the girlfriend of a work friend Chris had met when in Brisbane who had both become close friends.  The hairdresser was the wife of my very first boss who after knowing me since I was 16, offered her services as a gift.  And our Celebrant, although we didn’t know him personally, spent his younger years hanging out in the same dodgy club Chris and I met at.

After months and months of working our asses off to get our little cottage in decent shape, mother nature had other plans and with the rain set in, we had to change our venue at the very last minute to a beautiful country hall in the Hinterland.

Chris and I woke up side by side on our wedding day.  We’ve done this every day for the past six years so it didn’t seem right to be apart on such a special day.  We bummed around the house, had our coffee and then went our separate ways once the bridal party arrived.

We decided to do “The First Look” and have our photos taken before the ceremony.  This would also mean our guests aren’t standing around for hours bored out of their brain.  I can honestly say this was the best decision we made and was possibly my favourite part of the whole day.  Spending that much quality time with my groom and entire bridal party was so precious and calmed everyone’s nerves perfectly.

The First Look. This calmed our nerves and reminded us of how lucky we are.

Our ceremony was just the right length – about 15 minutes of absolutely no mushy stuff with some vows we wrote ourselves and a bit of our story shared by our Celebrant it was just what we wanted and had always dreamed of.  It’s funny how when you true to just keep things real and not invoke any emotion, how touching that can be for everyone.

The First Smooch.

The reception was definitely an after party and if it hadn’t of been for everyone being so dressed up, this could have been any normal piss up.  The spit roast and 6m long custom made drink troughs full of beer we set up outside the hall set the tone for the night and become the focal point for the evening.

The rustic charm of a country hall was a perfect Plan B.

After an informal dinner inside on eco-friendly cutlery and crockery, the tables were swiftly moved out the way and with tambourines in hand, the lades channeled their inner “Stevie” while our good friend and DJ kept the tunes coming.

Those that wanted to dance, danced. Those that wanted to hang outside and have a good catch up, did and those who wanted to get a little too excited over the drinks, made the night that much more memorable.

Our wedding wasn’t a cookie cutter, off the shelf kind of day.  It was the truest representation of us a couple and we can honestly say we wouldn’t have changed a thing!



The Dream Team

CELEBRANT | Benjamin Breitenstein

DJ | James Dub

HAIR | Suzy Higgins


The Details

VENUE | Mapleton Community Hall

FLOWERS | Brisbane Flower Markets

DRESS | Made by Mother of the Bride

JEWELLERY | Undead Threads

STYLING & DECOR | Undead Threads


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