This is by far the biggest adventure we've embarked on in our almost 10 years together.

There's bound to be celebrations, frustrations and everything in between.

We're massive fans of open honesty so this is where we'll share everything going through our head and hearts.

Do you ever look at your child and think “you have NO idea how much I love you”?

Do you ever look at your child and think “you have NO idea how much I love you” It’s different for them as the kid. They don’t know life without us so it’s no great amazement to them. But for us as parents – we’ve lived a life without them. We’ve agonised sometimes for years over when they’re going to arrive in our life. We’ve held on for life as we thrash around on this trippy rollercoaster called The First […]

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Setting New Moon Intentions

How To Use The New Moon | New Moon Ritual

Sometimes life just really sucks but you can’t quite work out why.  You feel like you need a little reset button to get rid of this shittiness surrounding you and start fresh with a new, happier perspective. Lucky for us, this is actually possible if you believe in the power of The Moon and you’re prepared to harness it and make it work for you.  So this post is all about focusing on the New Moon.  And no, I’m not […]

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2016 Wholly Fuck – What A Trip | End Of Year Reflections

While I sit here, with these intense riggles and bumbs happening inside my tummy, I’m pretty overwhelmed at how much our life has changed this year.  I’ll try and do it justice in what I’m sure will turn into a mammoth post that most of you will only get half way through, but if you’re interested, grab a bevo, get comfy and see just how crazy our life was this year. It Started With A Reading… The year started off […]

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Our Casual Sunshine Coast Wedding | No Mush, No Fuss

Our one year wedding anniversary has arrived so I thought what a perfect time to share the story of our relaxed wedding day! We’re no frills kind of people.  Anything too formal makes us clam up and we hate being the center of attention (unless beer is involved).  We knew our wedding had to reflect us and had to be an occasion that allowed our friends to let their freak flags fly. Last year we moved into our very own […]

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Week One | Moving, Setting Up, Falling in Love

So we did it- we’re now living our own little Off Grid Dream on our beautiful rural 9 acre property and loving every minute. Here’s how it’s been so far including all the excitement from our two days of moving. THE WEEKEND OF MOVING Friday we woke early after a sleepless night and soon had both our Dads in the kitchen awaiting their coffee before we got started on moving for the day.  The boys jumped into action while I […]

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Building A “Real” House | Our Grand Plan & Handling Negativity

Seriously, how do you even define a “real” house? We get asked a lot when will we be building the “Real House” and most of the time my response is a polite, “The shipping container house will be the same as any other real house.”  When really I just want to jump up and down, screaming “what’s the big fucking deal?” Is a real house one that jacks your mortgage up so high that you have to keep working full […]

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Queenslander Cottage Renovation

Our Queenslander Cottage Renovation

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How To Sell Your House Within A Week

How To Sell Your House Within A Week | Practical Tips

We did it and it really isn’t that hard if you follow our advice. We wanted a quick sale.  We didn’t want to mess around with open homes every weekend, people cruising our house day-after-day while I hide my naked ass behind the wall (we really need curtains in the lounge) or endless phone calls from a frustrated agent with offers well below our expectations. We had professional photos taken on a Friday.  The property was listed online by Monday morning.  We […]

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Heaven Has Been Located | Our New Home

There’s been lots of What The Fuck Moments in our house this past month. After selling our house within a week, finding out the following week that we’re expecting our first child and the terrifying realisation that we were bound to be homeless within a couple of months, in the middle of winter.  I couldn’t tell if my new hobby that consists of clinging to the toilet was the result of morning sickness or complete fucking melt down. Then along came desperation.  Which […]

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When The Universe Kicks You In The Guts

Sometimes, just sometimes, trying to be a positive Universal trusting person is a struggle and you just want to scream “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” This weekend has been a killer one.  Thursday night we were up until midnight installing our new pantry.  Friday we were up at 6 tidying the house and finishing off bits and pieces ready for professional photos to be done just after lunch.  Saturday we were up at dawn again to go check out the Yandina […]

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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living | What It Means To Me

Chris and I are pretty shit at keeping secrets.  We agree to not blab too early but our excitement takes over and before we know it, the world knows our business. So lately, I’ve found myself explaining my reasoning for what I like to call our Lifestyle Change to those I accidentally blab to.  Some people get it straight up and ask no more questions, but others almost seem to want to challenge my beliefs, opinions and 5 years of […]

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