Home really is where the heart is in our family and right now, our home is our six-bay shed.
We've added all the comforts of a modern house in our own unique style to create a perfect little nest.
Let us share how we've converted the shed, how we manage daily life, and our dreams for the final house.

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Why We Chose To Stop Eating Meat

We get asked this a lot since we ditched meat from our diet about a year ago now. For us, it was a very natural progression – when we moved onto the farm, we had no power for the first two months so we were living out of an esky.  Keeping enough meat for each meal just wasn’t an option so we cut back big time.  We would eat meat when we could be bothered stopping somewhere on our way […]

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8 Uses For A Plastic Backed Canvas Drop Sheet

When I was planning Cypress’s first birthday party – I really wanted a cool picnic rug that was huge enough for all the bubs to play but that wouldn’t cost a small fortune and look super lame either. So a quick trip to Bunnings and I had myself a really cheap solution in the form of a plastic backed canvas drop sheet! I scored one for $15 that was about 3m x 3m square!  Such a bargain. The plan was […]

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What It’s Really Like Living Off Grid With A Toddler

I get asked a lot about what it’s really like living off grid and whether I wish I had real power. Most of the time my response is fuck no – I don’t miss the power bills, water bills, appliance repairs etc. Bill free living is the dream and I know not everyone can / wants to do the same but it’s so liberating to basically never check your letter box.  Our was so overgrown with grass I couldn’t even […]

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How to get a fully serviced work space for free

Before I had Cypress I had all the best intentions of running my business from home. I figured as long as I had a nice work space, and a good routine that working around my little one would be easy right? Yeah – nah.  This is yet another Parenting Myth which I’ll one day write a dedicated post about just for laughs! Between house work, the dog, the chooks, the scorching heat or freezing cold, the restless teething days, days […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Being A Tight Ass

This blog post has been a long time coming.  I mean a really long time. For as long as I’ve been old enough to make my own financial decisions (16 with a job), I’ve been the ultimate tight ass (except for that one time at 18 I sold my dirtbike and bought clothes and shoes I no longer own). A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling one of my Facebook Mum Groups and a post asking about the weekly […]

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How To Halve Your Grocery Bill | Interview

Ever have a serious “oh shit” moment? I had one today while enjoying my besties daughters third birthday.  One of the Mamas from a Facebook group shared a fresh article from asking if it was me and if I knew about it! Oh shit. All of a sudden I had an embarassing flash back to that time I was hit up to share how we save so much money on our monthly food shop.  I wrote an essay of […]

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How We Eat Like Kings On A Single Income

I seem to spend a lot of time in my various Facebook groups sharing my tips on how we eat really great meals on a single income.  With daily living expenses rising and more families finding it hard to manage, it’s the question on the tip of many Mama’s tongues and it’s one that’s taken us a long time to perfect. For us, it all started when we moved here.  For the first month we had no fridge – just […]

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DIY Bees Wax Furniture Polish | Kid Friendly

We were just gifted a beautiful, raw timber cot and change table from my Mum and her partner ready for the arrival of our little Fitzrigglet. Now kids friends have demonstrated their ability to eat timber cots when they’re teething, so I needed to seal it with something non-toxic that would still protect the timber enough to keep it looking great for years to come. After asking around and not getting much feedback, I decided bees wax would be the […]

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Gender Neutral Nursery Design | Spoiling Your Baby On A Budget

I think it’s safe to say that every parent wants to give their little babe the very best of everything.  Unfortunately for some, the budget is tight right before a baby comes along.  Ours was practically non-existent after having to finish sheeting the internal shed walls and buying the family car on minimum wages. I really didn’t want to skimp on my dream nursery style so I became pretty thrifty and managed to pull off what I think is a […]

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The Finance Specialist | Your New Best Mate

Most people we chat to about the services of a Finance Specialist seem to have the same opinion; because they’ve had their Dollarmite account with one bank since they were 6 years old, this bank will for some reason offer them special treatment and a great rate on a home loan.  Oh, man I wish this was true. Banks are businesses and they want to make as much money as they can.  They don’t achieve this by looking out for […]

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