Sometimes life just really sucks but you can’t quite work out why.  You feel like you need a little reset button to get rid of this shittiness surrounding you and start fresh with a new, happier perspective.

Lucky for us, this is actually possible if you believe in the power of The Moon and you’re prepared to harness it and make it work for you. 

So this post is all about focusing on the New Moon.  And no, I’m not talking about that soppy teen crap with the submissive woman who can barely speak to her dominant half human, blood sucking boyfriend (not a healthy portrayal of teen relationships BTW).

As it’s name implies, a New Moon is all about new beginnings and there’s a few little rituals we can do to get the kinds of new beginnings happening for us that we feel like we really need.  Don’t worry, there’s no chanting, burning of sacred herbs or nakedness required (unless that’s what you’re into, then go for it).

I find towards the end of the moon cycle, I start thinking about starting new things.  New projects, meeting up with new friends, changing little things around the house, anything that I feel will make life less stale.  It’s only when I realise what I’m doing internally that I check the calendar and sure enough, there’s a New Moon looming.

There’s a few different ways to do this, but because I’m a busy and easily distracted Mum, I’m going to keep it simple this time.  All you’ll need is a piece of paper and a pen.  You can also gather some treasures such as crystals, candles, incense or anything else that helps you go to a happy place.

Find a sacred place & get the good vibes flowing.

This doesn’t have to be some fancy alter or anything like that.  I find my sacred place is my bed so I’ll strip all the blankets and pillows off, spray some White Sage Spritz and re-make it nicely.  I then usually sit in the middle, cross legged and just take a second to chill a little.  Where ever you feel calm and settled is perfect so whether this is outside, in the bath or hiding in the car from your household, if you’re chill, that’s all you need.

Think about the crazy bad and crazy good.

Take a moment to reflect on the past month, taking note of the crazy shit that you’re not too keen to experience this next month and the crazy awesome things that you want much more of this month.  Don’t dwell on the bad, the acknowledge it as being crap and make a point of focusing on not going through that again.  As for the good stuff, really bask in it, think about how it made you feel and why you want more of that.  It could be as simple as a nice family day where everyone got on happily, it could be a small win at work being recognised for some hard work.  Whatever gets you going.

Set your intentions & goals for the coming month.

On your piece of paper, I usually write the month at the top then list in dot point forms what I’m working towards this month, keeping it to no more than 3.  What is it that you would like from this month?  Is it to find a little more calm and clarity, do you need a little cash injection, are you hoping for a promotion at work, or do you just want to manifest more good times?  I sometimes ask myself “What do I need, right here, right now?” and just wait for the answer.  It will come and usually your first response is the correct one.  Just roll with what comes to you and try not to question it.

Visualise your intentions playing out.

I find it always helps if I can visualise myself enjoying the intentions I’ve just set.  Look at each intention and picture them playing out, focus on how you’ll feel and how that will improve your current situation.  Let yourself day dream for a bit, allowing your imagination to run wild won’t do any harm at all.  I’ll usually leave my piece of paper somewhere special where I can check in on it regularly throughout the month but I keep it folded and stashed to keep it secure and special.


And that’s it, all there is to it.  Just remember you can’t expect dramatic miracles.  The affects of this may be subtle but if you’re paying attention, you’ll find them.

If this is your first time doing this, chances are you’ll feel like a weirdo at some point.  That’s fine, roll with it and channel your inner weirdo.  These sorts of things aren’t for everyone, but I find for me, they really help me focus and move forward in the new month.  So give it a go, just once and see how you feel.  Even if you just get 5 minutes of peace, then surely it’s worth it right?

If you’re a crystal lover like me, why not try making a crystal grid as well?

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