We did it and it really isn’t that hard if you follow our advice.

We wanted a quick sale.  We didn’t want to mess around with open homes every weekend, people cruising our house day-after-day while I hide my naked ass behind the wall (we really need curtains in the lounge) or endless phone calls from a frustrated agent with offers well below our expectations.

We had professional photos taken on a Friday.  The property was listed online by Monday morning.  We had 5 enquiries by Tuesday afternoon.  Our first open home on Saturday had the street brimming.  An hour after the open we had two great offers.  A couple of hours after that we had a signed contract for the full asking price with a 60 day settlement.  The following day we had an already scheduled open with four more interested parties that would make an offer if the contract fell through.

Here’s our guide on How To Sell Your House Within A Week.

1. Find A Good Sales Agent

During the process of selling, you’re going to deal with your agent  A LOT.  You need to know that this person gets you and your home.  Remember, this person is selling your home to a wary buyer looking for a bargain.  You need someone who will get you the best price, come across as honest and approachable, will be real and straight up and who will answer all your questions.

Why we chose Stewart Medland from Edlers:

  • He dropped everything to come see me straight away to give an idea on what the house could be worth.
  • He advised on what renovations were important and which ones wouldn’t affect the price enough to bother with.
  • He was honest, friendly, down to earth and drove a Hilux (no joke).
  • He walked into our shitty, run down half renovated home and loved it.  He saw the potential and loved the old character.
  • He asked us to provide information for the listing about the personal experience of living in the home.  In his words, he could sell facts, not emotions.
  • He also asked that we write a letter to the future owners telling them why we love the home and what it means to us.
  • He gave us a realistic price with comparative market research to back up his listing price.
  • He didn’t try to “buy our listing” by promising some exuberant sale price that would have taken months to achieve.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and are considering selling, please look Stewart up and give him a call.

2. Don’t Be Greedy

Seriously, it will get you nowhere, real quick.  Do some research of your own on sales in the area with homes that are similar in size, layout, quality, age and land size and get a feel for what you would be comfortable selling for.  Ask your agent what they think – they do this for a living and have a much better idea than any well-meaning friend or family member.  Ask your Finance Specialist what they think they could get finance on it for – no point selling it for more than a bank will loan for!  And work out the bare minimum you could go on paper, taking into account your next move and how much money you need to pull that off.

Don’t leave yourself short, but don’t be greedy.

3. Stage Your Home

Do you watch those renovating shows that seem to be all over TV at the moment?  You ever wonder why they put so much time and effort into what they call staging?  It’s because when someone walks into a home, they don’t want to feel like they’ve intruded on someone’s life.  They want to feel welcome and comfortable to explore the home and picture themselves living here.

We didn’t hire anything and we didn’t buy anything new so this isn’t about spending money you don’t have.  Because we were renovating as we went, we removed all furniture from each room at one point.  When the time came to put it all back together, we really took the time to put ourselves in the shoes of a buyer and re-arranged almost every single room in our house, wrangling in the neighbours when we needed another opinion.  

A large mirror that leaned against the wall and covered half a window in our bedroom was hung in the lounge room.  Sure in its original spot, Chris and I had a full length mirror but in it’s new spot, it reflected the green from outside the opposite window and made the room feel twice as big.  Inside the kitchen cupboards were cleaned out and re-arranged so it didn’t feel like there was lacking space due to our own shitty organisation.  The bloody convenient antique dumping ground bench was removed from the entrance to make it feel bigger and brighten the space and I had to find a new home for the crap I lug through the door each day.

Borrow accent pieces such as cushions, throws, chairs from friends and family to really style each room.  And please please please add some living foliage or flowers to as many rooms as possible.  We used cuttings of overgrown trees in vases around the house to add life and greenery to every single room.  Even the bathrooms had tiny amber bottles with little twigs in them.

Don’t go too crazy or make the space feel cluttered, but just try to look at it from a buyers point of view.

Emphasise the good and disguise the bad.

4. Clean Up Your Act

We had a bit of a piss up in the back yard the day before our second open home for the weekend.  You still have to live while you’re selling but you can’t be a grub.

Let’s talk personal belongings.  People WILL open drawers, cupboards, pantries, wardrobes and even fridges.  If they see a pig sty hidden away, it’s going to create the impression that the storage in your home is pretty shitty.  You want to create organised harmony that paints a Stepford-like existence.

Don’t forget the trash.  It takes a couple of minutes to empty and wipe out your inside bins and a couple more minutes to give the wheelie bins a good hose down if they need it.  Take the time guys, no one likes a stinky bin.

Yard maintenance is a must.  Bust out the whipper snipper, mower, rake, leaf blower or whatever the hell you have to make your yard really wow.  Make sure your grass is mowed, edges are trimmed, trees and shrubs are under control, weeds are pulled (NOT SPRAYED) and park the cars down the street for open homes.

5. Leave The Advertising To The Pro’s

If you want to sell your house as quickly as possible, you need people to fall in love with online.  In our opinion, the ONLY way to do this is to let a professional photographer take the photos of your house.  It’s not cheap but it is well worth the investment.  We also splurged on a feature listing online which puts our home front and centre for potential buyers.  There is no way we would have sold so quick if it hadn’t of been for both of these features.

5. Don’t Hold Up The Deal

A lot of times, people want to hold off for a better offer.  See point 2 you greedy bastards!  By holding off and waiting for a better offer, your buyers begin to lose confidence that their offer will be accepted and start to prepare for the worst.  They begin looking online or at other opens and might find something that suits them even better.  You have to strike while they’re hot, while they’re still giddy and in love and prepared to do what it takes to close the deal.  Make sure your agent’s on board to wrap things up as quick as possible and get those signatures on that contract.

We managed to negotiate our sale and sign the contract while hosting our back yard gathering, with our friends anxiously trying to eavesdrop from downstairs.  Sure, we could have held off until it suited us better on Sunday but why wait?  The plan was to get shit done.  Plus we got to then celebrate with our mates straight away!

5. Careful Of Jinxing Yourself

Okay, this one is totally superstitious and probably sounds like a crock of shit to some of you but we never ever pack a thing until the finance is approved and the contract is unconditional.  We also keep it all pretty under wraps from friends until this period too.  Just in case it all goes tits up and you have to explain that you’re actually at square one again.  So just play it cool, keep your fingers crossed and your phone on you until that unconditional notification comes from the solicitor.