There’s been lots of What The Fuck Moments in our house this past month. After selling our house within a week, finding out the following week that we’re expecting our first child and the terrifying realisation that we were bound to be homeless within a couple of months, in the middle of winter.  I couldn’t tell if my new hobby that consists of clinging to the toilet was the result of morning sickness or complete fucking melt down.

Then along came desperation.  Which as it turns out isn’t just a dreaded state of mind, but the name of my new property alert on where we were prepared to settle for any parcel of land that’s bigger than 2 acres between Caloundra and Gympie within our price range.  We were not optimistic and I was secretly considering trying to get out of the contract on our house.

Australian Farm Gate

Last Tuesday this photo pops up in my inbox of a long dirt driveway with a typical rural Queensland post and rail entrance and big farm gate.  I open the email and my jaw hits the floor.  Presenting itself to me is almost 9 acres of cleared land with two large dams, the long driveway I’ve always wanted and as a massive bonus, a 6 bay shed that is half built in and ready for weekend living while we build.

I text Chris and tell him I’ve found it, he replies with “buy it now” and a few moments later my Dad rings.  Now apparently Dad has been secretly shopping for land for us ever since he found out we were pregnant.  Bless him.  He tells me he’s found our property and we have to buy it – it’s not the one I’ve just found so I ask if he would mind shooting up the coast to have a look.  At this point, I was willing to buy something sight-unseen and just hope for the best.  He calls back literally “yee-haa-ing” and describing it as magnificent with a dam big enough for a jet ski and chimes in with the “buy it now”.  Now my Dad only uses the term “magnificent” when he’s being a rude smart ass so I was skipping with glee at his appraisal.

The following day, Chris and were up before the sun and on the road as day break, heading to this property that could possibly be the one.  Australian Country FarmWe get there as the sun burst over the hill and floods the green pasture in golden morning sun, the morning dew glistening and the cold morning breeze whipping our cheeks.

On the drive to work, I call the agent to ask for a contract.  We want this baby and we want it bad!  With a bit of back and forth, we manage to pretty easily negotiate terms and we score it for less than we expected minutes before we board the plane to Adelaide on the Thursday for the weekend to see my Mum.

We’ve been back twice now to roam around and dream of what our future will look like.  I think that’s how you know it’s the one.  When you’re jumping around your husband in circles, crying in excitement asking “please please can we buy it?”.  I mean sure, that could have been (and probably was) crazy pregnancy hormones but there’s something about it.  There’s an energy that’s clean, pure and infectious that oozes out of this space.

I can picture our house, the views it will have of the entire property and the way the sun will travel throughout the day.

I can picture summers spent diving off the pontoon Chris wants to build on the dams.

I can picture a thriving vegetable garden on the hill in front of the house supplying the kitchen with an abundance.

I can picture the camp ground we’ll create at the front for friends and family to stay, rest and play.

I can picture raising our kids here and giving them that country upbringing that Chris and I had – unplugged, outside and free range.

Settlement is due at the end of July so once we’re settled in, we’ll share some pictures of our beautiful new surrounds and updates on how the transition works out for us.  In the meantime, cross your fingers for us that this deal comes off and we score the lifestyle we never though possible.