We're using the principles of Permaculture to create our own Food Forest and generate as much of our food as possible.

As this life-long dream becomes a reality, we'll be sharing our wins and face-plants to hopefully inspire others to take charge of their food and grow their own.

Autumn Arrival 2018

They tell me it’s autumn.  Yet here I sit at 4pm in a summer dress with all windows wide open and the ceiling fans whirling above me in the fading afternoon sun.  Somehow the garden seems to know it’s autumn and is doing it’s usual progression into this new season with a new variety of produce for us. There’s a certain magic in the air out here at this time of the year.  It’s my favourite by far with these […]

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How We Built A No Dig Veggie Garden That Never Needs Watering

We’re seriously short on time.  So when we wanted to start our veggie garden, we knew it had to be fuss free and something that wouldn’t drain our time each day. What we’ve managed to create is a veggie garden that didn’t require any digging and we don’t have to water ever!!  This is where we get most of our leafy greens and fresh herbs from which give us year round fresh produce. Get The Most Out Of Your Waste […]

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