Food is life for us. We spend most of our time in the kitchen, preparing fresh food for all.

Our goal is to grow as much of our own food as possible and share it with our community.

Here we'll share all our favourite recipes on a family friendly budget.


Rosella & Nectarine Jam

My memories of Rosella Jam is my Nanna having a stash in the back of the fridge for as long as I can remember but I’d always seen it as something only CWA ladies have with their fresh scones and cream for morning tea.  There’s something about them that seems so beautifully retro, from an era of home prepared food […]


Thick & Fluffy Pancakes

These pancakes are the fucking baws dawg of pancakes!!! Hands down.  They’re light and fluffy and filling and they cook perfectly every time. I’m not going to give step-by-step instructions on how to cook this.  You whack it all in a bowl, mix it up and cook it in a buttered frying pan on a low heat. Now don’t freak […]


Small Cakes from Day To Day Cookery

Anyone else have the Day To Day Cookery? I remember my Mums copy from when I lived at home all tattered and covered in food splashes with notes written in the margins in pink and purple pens with yellow transparent contact paper holding the entire thing together. This is the book that taught me to cook and it’s the first […]


Spinach, Feta & Quinoa Bites

I discovered these a few years ago while looking for lunch treats and they blew my mind! They’re easy to make and are loved by kids, adults and even super lucky dogs that sit under the high chair.


The Very Best Chunky Vegetable & Tomato Chutney

If there is one recipe on this site that you try – please, please, please let it be this masterpiece of a chutney. The original Tomato Chutney recipe came from my Mother In Law who’s been supplying us with jars of the stuff for years. The recipe as it now was a natural progression of my own laziness.  See, we […]


Spinach, Pumpkin & Corn Pasta Slice

Cypress smashes this slice!  He would seriously live off this and bananas if I let him so I figured it’s time I share it! Like all my recipes – all veggies can be substituted for whatever’s in season or needing to be used. And it freezes really well too!  I just thaw and warm a serving for his snacks each […]


Rich Tomato Pasta Sauce

For years I convinced myself that it was too hard making a pasta sauce from scratch.  Not sure where that false belief came from but we recently had dinner with my brother and his girlfriend who made her own sauce and inspired me to come up with my own! This is the pasta sauce recipe I use for any pasta […]


Mi Goreng Noodles | With Grated Veggies

This is my kind of mid week lazy meal that’s still tasty and more nutritional than straight up instant noodles. It’s also super adaptable and you can add whatever you feel like or need to use up!


Roast Vegetable Risoni Salad

A simple go-to meal when you need a vegetable hit but just can’t be assed doing much!  It’s also a great side at your next get together or picnic. Risoni is a cool kind of pasta that’s shaped like grains of rice!  You can find it in the pasta section of your supermarket, usually up on the top shelf. For […]


Brown Fried Rice

Quick, easy, filling, healthy & cheap… what more could I say other than I have a cheats way of cooking this that makes it so much easier and less stressful than trying to use a wok in a home kitchen! This dish stores in the fridge and freezer really well and if you have self control, you’ll probably get a […]


Corn, Bean & Avo Salsa

A super simple, fantastically fresh sexy salsa recipe that can be eaten on its own, as a side dish or even as a dip with some warmed corn chips!!


Three Bean Burritos

Oh my god… We seriously can’t get enough of this dish and will have it at least once a fortnight but to be honest, we’d have it every day if that wouldn’t make us farting weirdos! I keep it super simple but you can go nuts with what you add to it – capsicum, chilli, coriander (yuk) whatever tickles you!  […]


Lentil Loaf | With Secret Veggies

This recipe is a huuuuuuuge hit in our household.  Our 1 year old loves it so much, he’ll eat just as much as I do. It stores really well in the freezer – I usually freeze it before the baking step. And when Cypress was younger and just starting on solids, I would form this recipe into fingers for him […]


NOT Meatballs

Like seriously – what the fuck was I supposed to call these?  Bean Balls?  Kidney Balls? They’re just like meat balls but without the meat okay! I use these for so much – with pasta and sauce, at parties with homemade tomato sauce, on sandwiches, in my little mate’s lunch box – the uses are endless so go nuts, make […]


Orange & Apple Stuffing Balls

These simple little treats are made using my Stuffing Mix recipe and make a great addition to any simple roast vegetable dinner!


Stuffing Mix

Stuffing mix is an awesome way to bulk up the flavour in simple dishes but it’s expensive as shit to buy!  So make your own and keep it on hand in the pantry for all sorts of awesome uses. Here’s some inspiration:  


Roast Vegetable Turkish Bread Sandwich

This is the kind of sandwich you whip up when you’ve got a paddock full of hard working mates who need a real feed, real quick. I usually make this the day before to save time and mess on the day and it seriously gets better with time! If you assemble it with the cheese slices on the bottom and […]


Jacket Sweet Potatoes With Black Beans

So simple, so quick, so tasty and super kid friendly too!
This recipe is great served with salad, extra veggies or just on its own.
They’re also awesome served hot or cold!


Lentil Shepherd’s Pie | Good Enough To Trick Them All

This is seriously my favourite vego recipe! It’s also my go-to meal when I need to feed any carnivorous friends that come for dinner because they love it too!


Creamy Pasta Sauce

This simple little recipe is a great way to whip up a creamy carbonara style sauce without the need for fresh cream or cheese so it’s perfect for camping, or to have stashed in the pantry when your creamy-saucy cravings strike.





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