Do you ever look at your child and think “you have NO idea how much I love you”

It’s different for them as the kid. They don’t know life without us so it’s no great amazement to them.

But for us as parents – we’ve lived a life without them.

We’ve agonised sometimes for years over when they’re going to arrive in our life.

We’ve held on for life as we thrash around on this trippy rollercoaster called The First Twelve Months.

We’ve all battled something for them – be it physical health issues, mental health issues, adapting to this new life or finding our place in the world with a baby on hip.

Each tantrum, eyeroll, sneaky mischief, soggy food shared, good food stolen and tear shed makes this incredible love I never knew existed swell even bigger.

It makes me want to let my own parents kiss and hug me every morning and night because I can’t imagine a time where I go weeks or even months without seeing my own baby.

And it makes me realise that one day he will know just how much I love him. When he’s woken to his own childs face of pure perfection, there will come a time when it clicks and he gets it.

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