Thick & Fluffy Pancakes

These pancakes are the fucking baws dawg of pancakes!!! Hands down.  They’re light and fluffy and filling and they cook perfectly every time. I’m not going to give step-by-step instructions on how to cook this.  You whack it all in a bowl, mix it up and cook it in a buttered frying pan on a […]

Mi Goreng Noodles | With Grated Veggies

This is my kind of mid week lazy meal that’s still tasty and more nutritional than straight up instant noodles. It’s also super adaptable and you can add whatever you feel like or need to use up!

Corn, Bean & Avo Salsa

A super simple, fantastically fresh sexy salsa recipe that can be eaten on its own, as a side dish or even as a dip with some warmed corn chips!!

Orange & Apple Stuffing Balls

These simple little treats are made using my Stuffing Mix recipe and make a great addition to any simple roast vegetable dinner!

Creamy Pasta Sauce

This simple little recipe is a great way to whip up a creamy carbonara style sauce without the need for fresh cream or cheese so it’s perfect for camping, or to have stashed in the pantry when your creamy-saucy cravings strike.