We're using the principles of Permaculture to create our own Food Forest and generate as much of our food as possible.

As this life-long dream becomes a reality, we'll be sharing our wins and face-plants to hopefully inspire others to take charge of their food and grow their own.

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What It’s Really Like Living Off Grid With A Toddler

I get asked a lot about what it’s really like living off grid and whether I wish I had real power. Most of the time my response is fuck no – I don’t miss the power bills, water bills, appliance repairs etc. Bill free living is the dream and I know not everyone can / wants to do the same but it’s so liberating to basically never check your letter box.  Our was so overgrown with grass I couldn’t even […]

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Realities Of Living Off Grid | Four Months In

It’s been four months today since our stand alone off grid solar system was installed by a pair a absolute legends so I thought it was time to reflect on what we’ve discovered so far. What We Expected We didn’t really expect much from our system as we didn’t know anyone else living this way to chat to other than my Dad who runs off his own DIY “Micro System” as he’s dubbed it. We figured we would have enough […]

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Purchasing & Setting Up The Land | Did We Budget Right?

Spring has arrived and we’re now more than comfortably set up on the property with all the creature comforts we could ask for but our building cash is almost entirely gone and we’re still a little short on some of the cost of our containers. As soon as we worked out what the sale price of our house was, we started working on a budget that was as detailed as it could be.  To keep track of this, I started […]

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Off Grid Plumbing Solutions | Just The Essentials

Our definition of luxury items has been turned upside down in the past three weeks.  We now consider luxuries as running water and a flushing toilet without trips to town with buckets, water jugs and eskies. This weekend was full on, with three massive days put in my our awesome family, yet again!  We managed to get all the plumbing side of things sorted this weekend which means running water and a flushing toilet! THE BLACK WATER & SEPTIC TANK SYSTEM Black water […]

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Week One | Moving, Setting Up, Falling in Love

So we did it- we’re now living our own little Off Grid Dream on our beautiful rural 9 acre property and loving every minute. Here’s how it’s been so far including all the excitement from our two days of moving. THE WEEKEND OF MOVING Friday we woke early after a sleepless night and soon had both our Dads in the kitchen awaiting their coffee before we got started on moving for the day.  The boys jumped into action while I […]

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Off Grid Solar Power | How To Navigate The Confusion

We’re in the middle of trying to decide on who we’ll use for our Off Grid Solar Power system which will run the shed until the house is built, and then the house once we’re in there. My Dad is the legend when it comes to finding good connections in a local area so we jumped when he offered to share with us his ‘Off Grid Guru List’.  I started at the top and was impressed.  He called me back […]

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Building A “Real” House | Our Grand Plan & Handling Negativity

Seriously, how do you even define a “real” house? We get asked a lot when will we be building the “Real House” and most of the time my response is a polite, “The shipping container house will be the same as any other real house.”  When really I just want to jump up and down, screaming “what’s the big fucking deal?” Is a real house one that jacks your mortgage up so high that you have to keep working full […]

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How To Sell Your House Within A Week

How To Sell Your House Within A Week | Practical Tips

We did it and it really isn’t that hard if you follow our advice. We wanted a quick sale.  We didn’t want to mess around with open homes every weekend, people cruising our house day-after-day while I hide my naked ass behind the wall (we really need curtains in the lounge) or endless phone calls from a frustrated agent with offers well below our expectations. We had professional photos taken on a Friday.  The property was listed online by Monday morning.  We […]

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5 Things You Must Do Before Buying Land

Jumping in the deep end is shit loads of fun – we’re not denying that.  But making a really bad investment in land can end in disaster!  We’ve compiled a list of the 5 Things You Have To Do Before Buying Land to keep you out of trouble while hunting for your perfect block. 1. Find a Finance Specialist. Don’t waste time dreaming of properties you’ll never be able to afford.  You need to know where you stand financially before you […]

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The Finance Specialist | Your New Best Mate

Most people we chat to about the services of a Finance Specialist seem to have the same opinion; because they’ve had their Dollarmite account with one bank since they were 6 years old, this bank will for some reason offer them special treatment and a great rate on a home loan.  Oh, man I wish this was true. Banks are businesses and they want to make as much money as they can.  They don’t achieve this by looking out for […]

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