Bubble & Squeak or Hashbrown

I totally cheat with this burger filling and buy these frozen from the supermarket – naughty I know!  But seriously, these are great when you have mates over for a BBQ and are even better cold, 4 hours later after a few beers.


I remember the first time I saw a mate put 1/2 cm slives of pumpkin on his BBQ – I actually thought he had lost it!  Well wholly shit wasn’t I wrong!!  Between the smokey sweet flavour and the crunch and soft texture – this is the perfect addition to any burger, sandwich or wrap and there’s so many different ways to cook it – oven roasted, pan fried, BBQ or even stick it in the sandwich press!

Moroccan Chickpeas

This is so stupidly simple you’re going to love this shit out of it!  Coat some chickpeas (either canned, drained & rinsed or dried & soaked) in a good sprinkling of Moroccan seasoning, some salt and pepper then toss them around in a little oil on the stoved for about 5 minutes.  Let them cool a little and gently squash with a fork.

Grilled Tofu

I feel like you either love or hate tofu.  I’m a lover, Chris isn’t so much so I try to find ways to trick him into maybe liking it one day.  My fave method is the slice it into large burger sized sliced that are about 1cm thick.  Coat them in flour, whisked egg, Panko crumbs and shallow fry for a super crunchy burger filling!

Huge Ass Mushroom

Grab the biggest portabello mushroom you can find, pluck the stem off to fry separately (don’t you dare throw that bad boy away!!) and coat your giant mushroom in some garlic, dried thyme and a rub a little butter on the top and bottom.  Cook gently in a frying pan or in the oven until it’s just tender – not mush!

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