They tell me it’s autumn.  Yet here I sit at 4pm in a summer dress with all windows wide open and the ceiling fans whirling above me in the fading afternoon sun.  Somehow the garden seems to know it’s autumn and is doing it’s usual progression into this new season with a new variety of produce for us.

There’s a certain magic in the air out here at this time of the year.  It’s my favourite by far with these lusciously dewy mornings.  The grass is sodden, the sun is diffused through the thick fog and if you stand still long enough you can see the water particles passing across the morning light.

This morning I was woken to the donk-donk of Cypress’ gum boots on my head that we bought him yesterday.  He’s loving routines and rituals at the moment and it didn’t take him long to work out that boots and hat means outside time… even if it is 5am and Mum and Dad are far from keen to get out of bed.

So on came the jumpers and gumboots and we ventured outside to see how the hell the dog had escaped our newly built house yard in the middle of the night to go bark at fucking echidna’s at all hours.  The whistle from inside the shed told me the kettle had boiled and Chris would be bringing me a hot coffee soon so I hollared for him to grab my camera on his way out – this first beautiful autumn morning I just had to capture.

The garden and trees aren’t quite where they normally would be at this time of the year.  Partly because of the late cold arrival and also partly because we were too busy / lazy to get our shit together during summer and plant out the veggie garden with new crops.  The last few months we’ve focused on maintaining our useless mower and on building the house yard to keep the dog, chickens and of course toddler all where they’re meant to be.

We also shifted around the old citrus crates into a better spot for growing in.  We’re getting a load of mulch tomorrow which will go in the base of them, top soil to finish them off and then we’re ready to plant them out with all those goodies we don’t want to share with the bunnies, echidna’s and native marsupials…  Or so we hope.  The goal is also to use them through summer to screen that scorching morning sun off the shed bedrooms so fingers crossed for that.

So back to the produce – without venturing down to the food forest or to the citrus line, we’ve got a few apples on our little trees, this being the second season they’ve given us fruit and the garden is slowly churning out pumpkins, zucchinis, cabbages and lettuces along with our over run basil and rosemary bushes.

Having a toddler makes it tricky to venture too far from the convenience and safety of the shed.  Which bums me out because we could have some fucking awesome fruit down the paddock that’s just too hard to bother with right now.  In saying that, Cypress did get a pretty dope remote control Ford Ranger that he can ride in with a ute style tray so maybe we need to drive that down one afternoon so we can fill the back up with our haul, and he’s safely distracted from the dam!

I’ll post another Fitzriggle Farm Autumn 2018 update if we do venture down that far this season but for now, we’re loving the home we’ve created around the shed and just like the installation of the clothes line, the addition of this simple fence has made our environment so much more comfortable and enjoyable for all of us.

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