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off grid powered  ||  shed house living  ||  fruit tree growing  ||  house build dreaming ||  business hustling  ||  young family of three

Chris  Caity  Cypress


Mary Valley, QLD

EST. 2016

The Crew

Chris Fitzgerald

Combining his Permaculture & Horticulture qualifications to create his very own food forest, he's determined to turn our blank canvas grazing property into an abundant supply of food for his family & community.

Caity Fitzgerald

With a love for interior design & minimalist style, she's out to create the perfect family home.   For now, it's the shed but in the hopefully not too distant future it will be in a beautiful brand new house.

Cypress Fitzgerald

He may be little but boy, he is mighty.  This energetic, adventurous, head strong, boundary pushing wild child is what this lifestyle is all about.  He's out to shake things up and keep life interesting.



With over 100 fruit trees in the ground, there's always something to learn, make, do & of course share.


Going vego was easier than we ever thought and we want to share our fucking awesome regular fav recipes to inspire others.


For now, our home is the shed and it's pretty incredible what can be done when you know it's not forever. Here's our best styling tips & home improvement projects.


We're cutting the bullshit and sharing all there is to know about off grid shed living with a toddler to chase and businesses to run.


No lie - we have no idea what or how we're going to build but we know it will be unique and something we want to share.

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Yabbavale - Mary Valley
Queensland, Australia

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